pamsIn spring 2008 a GIS workshop was opened in the bay Vrulje on the island of Kornat in the National Prak "Kornati" as a part of the Croatian – Norweigan project called ("Protected Areas Management System" (PAMS).


GIS workshops are intended for people who professionally work in jobs related to protection and preservation of nature in Croatia and who use or at least intend to use GIS. The attention is to advance the knowledge about operating in GIS and more qualitative appliance in jobs dealing with nature protection.


Because of limited capacities of objects in which the GIS workshop is being held and limited IT equipment for working in GIS only a group of six people can participate in the workshop at the same time (plus the moderator – instructor).

Formation of attender groups:

Groups can be formed in two ways:

  • independently formed group = six persons agrees on their own to participate in the GIS workshop, and they arrange the time during which the workshop will be held and the subject of the workshop. (contact Vladislav Mihelcic – NP Kornati)
  • individual applications are put on a group formation list = individuals can apply for the group formation list, and after the list is full they arrange the time and the subject of the workshop. For applying for the list and further arrangements contact NP Kornati (Vladislav Mihelcic).

Required knowledge:

For participating in the GIS workshop you do not need any particular previous knowledge, with the exception of the basic computer skills.

In order for the workshop to be as qualitative and efficient, it is desirable for persons in the same group to have approximately the same level of knowledge about GIS.

Determing the subject of the workshop::

The subject of the workshop is determined in advance by the attenders of the workshop by mutual agreement. Depending on the level of GIS skills and momentary needs for solving certain questions and problems, the subject can vary: for learning the basic elements of working in GIS, what is .mxd, gdb., how to sign in a simple data, etc.), up to solving very demanding and complex problems (advance analysis in GIS)

Determing the moderator – the instructor of the workshop

A group that already determined time and subject of their workshop can independently choose a moderator – instructor who will voluntary lead the workshop. Moderator – instructor is any person who knows the defined subject of the workshop relatively good and who is prepared to participate in work.

GISDATA employees from Zagreb have expressed their interest in participating in workshops with the goal to help solving questions and problems dealing with GIS usage (regardless of the workshop subject).

Rooms and equipment:

The workshops will be held in the building of the National Park Kornati in the bay Vrulje on the island of Kornat. There is a separate room in the building assigned and equipped for GIS workshops. There are

  • 4 desks: length–2 m, width-1m
  • 4 benches for sitting: length-2m
  • 6 portable computers with ArcGIS 9.2 – ArcView installed and recoreded basis of the NP "Kornati" intended for studying
  • Schoolboard
  • Wall TV plasma
  • Flip-charts
  • 3 showcases